Chopping board on 26/05/2018 @ 10:00am

This half day course provides a great introduction to working with wood. We will consider the suitability of various timbers for the task in hand, and look at the basic processes involved in the conversion of a rough-sawn plank to a smooth and prepared board. Everyone will get the hands-on chance to (safely) machine their own length of timber down to the thickness they require.

The design of a chopping board is a personal thing, and it’s for you to decide just what shape yours will take. After transferring your preferred profile onto your hardwood blank, it’s over to the bandsaw to rough it out. The job is then refined with handtools and cleaned up ready for a finish.

There’ll also be the opportunity to fashion a kitchen implement or two to complement your new chopping board; as well as progressing your woodworking skills, this class gives you get the chance to make something truly personal which you can use every day.

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