Hand tools: the Plane on 11/12/2018 @ 6:00pm

In the first of what will likely become a long-running series dedicated to hand tools, we look at that tool which, along with the saw, epitomises the craft of woodwork – the plane. In use since ancient times, the plane is a ‘must have’ tool and underpins much of what we do in the field of woodwork.

This evening class will give us the chance to fully explore just what makes a good plane, and how to get the best out of one. We will look at the basic types, what they do and how, with a bit of ‘fettling’,  we can lift an ordinary specimen  up a grade or two along the quality scale. There will be plenty of scope for actual planing; exercises have been planned, and there will be a nice selection of timber standing by to improve your techniques. Oh, and obviously we’ll be looking at the all important art of sharpening as we compare and contrast the most popular of the various methods currently available.


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