Step-up stool on 26/03/2019 @ 6:00pm

This rewarding woodworking course takes the learner through the process of planning a job, selecting timber, then marking out to make a stylish and practical step-up stool. Perfectly suited for the novice woodworker, the job involves setting out joints, chopping mortises and cutting curved components on the workshop bandsaw, before jointing them all together. It’s a traditional design and one which embodies simplicity and honest construction. The project combines the opportunity to learn creative jointing methods and cutting and shaping timber both by hand and (safely) on a machine.

Step Up Stool

Learn about the importance of forward planning and accuracy of working as you make this elegant and practical piece of furniture in oak which will endure in its usability and charm. The whole job can be completed by hand if so desired, but working is made considerably easier with the machines and power tools to be found in the well-equipped Neon Saw workshop.



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