18 Part Free Woodwork Video Course From The Neon Saw Workshop

Well, I’ve finally managed to get around to shooting a Free Woodwork Video Course at the Neon Saw workshop (familiar to some), and it’s with a great deal of pleasure – plus not a little nervousness and apprehension – that I can start it all off here, courtesy of plenty of help and guidance from my personal digital marketing guru and friends at White Rabbit Consultancy.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t know quite as much as I’d like to about many of the technical matters involved in filming, and so I hope you’ll forgive me if you notice anything slightly substandard during this, the first series of woodworking videos (and yes, a second is already underway!) from Hove’s home of woodwork.

As with many things, we’re all learning together and I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this first batch of helpful videos, and maybe share them with anyone else you think would benefit from a few woodworking words.

Free Video Course: Woodworker’s Kitbag

While every job starts with an idea or a need, no one’s going to get very far in a woodworking project without tools. This free video series looks at the basic kit that’s going to be needed; with these simple and traditional tools – many of which can be bought fairly cheaply – virtually anything on a domestic scale can be made with ease.

After all, in the days before power tools and machines, our forebears created fantastic timber buildings, furniture and artefacts entirely by hand, and around us is the evidence that continues to reassure us and inspire us to do the same.

About This Free Woodwork Course

From the Neon Saw workshop in Hove, UK, head honcho Mark Cass welcomes the keen novice woodworker to the bench, and offers the viewer the opportunity to look into the kitbag that’s accompanied him on numerous site visits for a very long time.

All of the tools therein have been in constant use over the years (some admittedly are replacements for those lost along the way), and have accounted for many jobs, projects, emergencies and even holiday work for longer than he cares to remember.

Free Woodwork Video Lesson 1 – Intro

A brief introduction to the online video course purpose and what you will be learning about.

Free Woodwork Video Lesson 2 – Saws

The first proper video in the series, where you will learn about hand saws, including their safe and correct usage.

How To Use My Woodwork Video Course

Rather than risk an overload of lengthy watching time, the videos have been shot in short parts, each dealing with one tool or type of tool. This way you can easily refer back to any specific subject you want without the need for tedious rewinding and scrolling.

Upcoming Free Online Woodwork Lessons

I hope that this, and the videos to follow, will find favour amongst you, the viewing audience, and that you’ll find much to educate and inspire you, and to give you the impetus you might need to get that long-awaited toolkit together.

The next part of the series will follow these ones soon, and then we’ll be looking at a new one every week for the next few months.

Share This Neon Saw Video Course

Feel free to forward the lessons from this Free Woodwork Video Course on to anyone else and let’s help extend the family of woodworking around the world to fulfil its maximum potential.

Mark Cass


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