The Tape Measure, woodwork video #6 from the Neon Saw Workshop

Here we go then with the next video in this free series introducing the new woodworker to the basic kit of handtools. All the tools featured here are tried and tested for their indispensability and general usefulness and, with the addition of one or two power tools – notably a cordless drill – they’ll enable you to take on nearly any woodworking or DIY job you might encounter.

It’s worth pointing out that the info contained in the videos isn’t the full, complete and definitive guide to all tools everywhere, but is an entry-level introduction and simple explanation of the mostly commonly used woodworking tools you’ll want in your average kitbag.

Woodworker’s Kitbag – Tape Measure

One of the humblest of tools in the kit. Often taken for granted by homeowners and DIYers everywhere, but genuinely indispensable. A tape is the first tool to reach for when starting a job and you’ll want one on you at all times before, during (and usually after) work. Get another one now.

About This Free Woodwork Video Lesson

In this video we take a look at the basic tape measure and consider what type to get, Metric or Imperial. A slightly annoying feature of UK tapes is that they feature both systems which can lead to confusion and awkwardness when marking from your tape onto a job. Whether you prefer Feet and Inches or Millimetres and Metres, I would strongly recommend you buy a tape that has solely one or the other on it.

Free Woodwork Video Lesson 6

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So, if this video has found favour with you – and I sincerely hope it has – please keep a look out for the next one in which we’ll be looking at the second of our marking devices, the Square.

As with most hand tools, there’s more to this than you first might think, so stay tuned, and in the meantime please forward this video series to anyone you think might enjoy it or encourage them to sign up to the Neon Saw mailing list when they’ll automatically receive all future videos to come.

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Good luck to all you woodworkers out there, and let’s do all we can to share our craft, help each other out and enjoy ourselves making some great stuff out of wood into the bargain!


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