About Our Woodwork Courses

Here at the Neon Saw workshop there is a constantly changing program of Woodwork, DIY, Furniture Making and Carpentry classes and short courses. With the aim of providing a choice selection, with the broadest appeal, to the widest woodworking audience.

If there’s any carpentry skill or woodwork project you feel has been under-represented, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Recent Woodworking Short Courses

Here is a summary of some the woodwork and furniture making classes we have run at the Neon Saw workshop recently (in no particular order):

Make a Lidded Box in Softwood

Lidded Softwood BoxA popular woodworking day course aimed at the absolute beginner. Seemingly a tall order for a single day, it’s an achievable woodwork project which has delighted all who have participated. We look at the carpentry tools and materials necessary to make a small wooden box, and consider our cutting options and fixing techniques to pull the job off in quick smart time.

This satisfying woodworking project employs a nice selection of power and hand tools, and students also get the chance to use a couple of the bigger static machines (all under safe and constant supervision) as well as the versatile router. It’s a good day out… in.

Woodworking Basics

Woodwork BasicsNot quite a crash course, but certainly a very intensive half-day or evening class. We look at what we need to make a start in the hugely rewarding and useful field of woodworking, including as many hand tools as we can fit into the time – and there are plenty of tools to explore! We also consider the fundamental principles of construction design (which can be applied to every job) as we make a small bracket shelf from softwood. It’s a very good way of testing the water if you’re considering taking things further in the world of wood.

Furniture Foundation

This six-week course (generally a weekday evening, 6 till 9:00pm) is aimed at those with some woodworking experience, and is a way of getting familiar with the basic principles of carcass furniture making, including doors and drawers. Offering terrific value for money, you will make a softwood carcass with rebated back, and fit it with a panelled door and a jointed small drawer. Fitting traditional brass butt hinges, an adjustable shelf, magnetic catch and door and drawer knobs gives the student a good idea of what’s involved in making cupboards and similar furniture; all the furniture making techniques employed will port to other larger work.

DIY Basics 101

DIY BasicsA close cousin to the Woodworking Basics class, but here the focus is mostly on the tools necessary for all of those little DIY jobs around the home, and especially power tools. Find out the best and most successful way to drill and plug a wall, and to make a secure and permanent fixing. We look at different wall types and get hands on with masonry bits and impact drivers. It’s a packed session and a great way to not only learn but to help conquer your DIY fears in a fun and safe environment.

Make a Step-up Stool

Step Up StoolA classic furniture making evening class course, and one which never fails to deliver. Although quite challenging for the beginner (we’ll be working in oak, a hardwood), the end result is an attractive piece of handmade furniture with genuine usefulness and one which will last for generations. Various wood jointing techniques are employed including the classic mortise and tenon, and there is plenty of scope for individual interpretation of the design to make each one unique.

Make a Chopping Board

A must-have item in the kitchen, and there’s usually room for an extra one – especially if you made it yourself. This is a relaxed class where we can take a break from the usual woodworking rules, and briefly free ourselves up from the restraints of straight lines and accurate measurements. After a session on the planer thicknesser machine to prepare our blanks, it’s simply a case of sketching a shape on a wood board, cutting it out on the bandsaw, then cleaning up the rough edges, to produce a tactile and finished product. A very pleasant way to spend some time.


The Future

As we all know, things are constantly evolving in the world, and here at the Neon Saw workshop there is no exception to that rule. New carpentry, DIY,  woodwork and furniture making courses are being actively considered and very little has been ruled out so far.  Sign up to the mailing list below to be kept informed of new courses and updates.

Possible new woodwork classes may well include:

  • Box sash window
  • Veneering
  • Finishes
  • Using a Bagpress
  • Inlays
  • Using a router
  • Working with curves
  • Sharpening
  • etc

There are plenty more out there, but a lot depends on the amount of interest shown by potential woodwork students. As you might suspect, classes can only run with a minimum of 75% attendance (it’s just not the same with only one or two participants) and so it would be good to feel moderately confident there were some attendees in waiting before new courses are developed and posted. In lieu of any fancy ‘click here to register an interest’ button on this site, I’m asking all woodworkers – both new and experienced – to drop me an email expressing any preferences you might have, and hopefully this will lead to some fab new classes.

Suggest a Course

Many thanks, and I’m waiting to hear from you all!