Woodwork, Furniture Making & DIY Courses

Here we are then with the new schedules page for the latest Neon Saw DIY and woodworking courses. Many of these classes will be familiar to regular readers of this site, so I’ve introduced two or three new ones this time; hopefully they will be received with interest and genuine pleasure.
As ever, it’s recommended to book sooner rather than later, and if you feel that there still isn’t the class you’re looking for here, just get in touch and I’m certain we’ll be able to work something out. All the best, and see you at the bench soon!

22 Feb10:001:00Woodworking basicsHalf day65MORE
26 Feb10:001:00Power tools: the RouterHalf day65MORE
1 Mar10:001:00Frame and panel basicsHalf day65MORE
5 Mar6:009:00Woodworking basicsEvening65MORE
8 Mar10:001:00Power tools: the BiscuiterHalf day65MORE
9 Mar10:004:00Lidded boxDay125MORE
12 Mar10:001:00Woodworking basicsHalf day65MORE
20-22 Mar10:004:00Furniture foundationThree days375MORE
26 Mar6:009:00Step-up stool in oakSix weeks375MORE
5 Apr10:001:00Woodworking basicsHalf day65MORE
12 Apr10:001:00Hand tools: an introductionHalf day65MORE
Ongoing09:004:30One to oneFull day250MORE