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Things are still on hold here at the Neon Saw workshop, and the question continues to be “When will classes start again?” The truth is I’m not entirely sure. I’m currently in a vulnerable category healthwise and the best I can do at the moment is to slowly work my way through the backlog of One to One classes as these present the lowest risk and are fairly manageable. There is a sizable waiting list, so if you are a new student, please be aware that there may well be an appreciable wait involved if you want to book now.

Whilst of a reasonable size, the workshop here (and the activities therein) doesn’t really lend itself to much social distancing, and for this reason, the group classes will remain on hold for a bit longer yet. Whenever the general situation shows signs of a real improvement I will consider running the multiple student courses again, at all levels. I’m really sorry I can’t offer more at this point for everyone waiting, and will of course honour any bookings or vouchers etc with full refunds for anyone who wants one.

I’m currently looking into video teaching (and hope to have actual news of this fairly soon), so this could yet be another way that we can all meet up in a sort-of workshop environment.

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I am also available as an overworked joiner, furniture maker and carpenter in Brighton & Hove, Sussex.