Woodwork, Furniture Making & DIY Courses

A warm hello and a mellow autumn welcome to all you woodworkers out there. I’ve found that whatever the level of skill and experience of visitors to the Neon Saw workshop, they all tend to show the same amount of enthusiasm (if indeed such a thing can be quantified). Top of my list for the willing learner is an abundance of Keen plus a ‘can do’ attitude and, needless to say, such a description will no doubt fit you down to the ground. Now then, is the chance to have  a look at the latest and freshest courses available, and see which one you like the sound of.


Tuesday 16 Oct 6:00 9:00 Furniture foundation Six weeks 365 MORE
Friday 19 Oct 10:00 1:00 Woodworking basics Half day 65 MORE
Saturday 27 Oct 10:00 4:00 Lidded box Day 120 MORE
Friday 2 Nov 10:00 1:00 Frame and panel basics Half day 65 MORE
Weekday Ongoing 09:00 5:00 One to one Full day 250 MORE