Woodwork, Furniture Making & DIY Courses

Greetings to you and a warm welcome to the latest listings of woodworking courses at the Neon Saw workshop. We have a few familiar and favourite classes, plus one or two more which may well be of interest to old and new readers alike.

The classes listed here roughly follow a school term, so we’ll be taking a break at half term (end of October), and then starting again in November. As ever though, I’m always keen to try out new ideas, so please let me know what sort of courses you’d like to see. And don’t forget, if you can get a few friends or colleagues together (ideally four in number) you can suggest your own class.  All the best then, and see you at the bench soon!


6 Sept10:001:00Woodworking basicsMorning65MORE
10 Sept6:009:00DIY basicsEvening65MORE
17 Sept6:009:00Furniture foundationSix weeks375MORE
26 Sept10:001:00Simple carcass constructionMorning65MORE
28 Sept10:004:00Lidded boxDay125MORE
3 Oct10:001:00Simple drawer constructionMorning65MORE
4 Oct10:001:00Woodworking basicsMorning65MORE
11 Oct10:001:00Popular power toolsMorning65MORE
18 Oct10:001:00DIY basicsMorning65MORE
Ongoing09:004:30One to oneFull day250MORE