Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some comments from past students and customers:

    5 star review  I did the Liddled Box Class. Great fun. Mark is a really nice guy. He explained everything clearly and simply. There were 4 of us, with plenty of space to work and lots of decent (sharp) tools to play with.... Perfect if you need to learn a few skills and end up with a little box to take home.

    thumb Pete Harle

    5 star review  I went to a 'DIY Basics' half day class and came away feeling great, informed and confident. Mark asked what we hoped to learn and then went straight to it - delivering exactly that. His teaching is very informal (which put me at ease) but thoroughly informative and he's hugely encouraging. I went in not knowing much and came out feeling confident about tackling those jobs round the house that I'd like to do myself. If you're not feeling confident about going you should REALLY just GO !

    thumb Linda Game

    5 star review  I’ve now done 2 courses with Mark as an absolute beginner, making a lidded box (day) and small cupboard (6 week evening class).I can’t recall any better spent money than this in recent memory. Mark will teach you an array of skills using the vast amount of handheld & machine tools in the workshop, in a relaxed setting with patience and good humour chucked in on the side. And a nice cuppa from a snazzy kettle.You will not be disappointed!

    thumb Duke Horse

    5 star review  I attended a 1-2-1 day session with Mark and not only did I learn something I thoroughly enjoyed my time doing so. Mark is patient, professional and clearly understands that each individual learns at their own pace, things never felt rushed (even though the project I chose to undertake at the last minute meant that we had to!)There was plenty of hands on experience and Mark never once looked to take over or take control, he was present at every step just to ensure you had everything you needed and were, most importantly, staying safe!I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in woodworking, it has given me serious food for thought and confidence enough to look to tackle my own larger project, a PC desk.

    thumb Reza Rafizadeh-Farahani

    5 star review  A great course for beginners to learn the basics in a fun, relaxed environment. The space you do the course in is a fully working workshop and therefore an opportunity to use tools you normally wouldn't have access to are part of the experience. In a short space of time I had the chance to use everything from a chop saw, a band saw and a cordless drill to a jack plane and a bench hook (and was able to recall all of their names!). Mark had a great manner about him and was very happy for us to get stuck in and make mistakes, learning from them and pushing on through in the 3 hour course. A great course for beginners which I highly recommend

    thumb Ed Cotcher

    5 star review  I would highly recommend this course. It was very relaxed and there were no strict rules on how to do things, just advice and helpful tips on how to create your favourite version of the project

    thumb Reuben Edwards

    5 star review  Just what I was after! I wanted to improve my knowledge of carpentry, but not enrol on a formal, lengthy course. The workshop is set in a lovely quiet mews in central Hove. It was a perfect length and very informative. Learnt basic techniques. Mark is a natural teacher. Would thoroughly recommend. I will definitely be doing more courses and may even do a whole day 1:1 to produce a piece I have been planning to build. 5 stars.

    thumb Lukas Kalinke

    5 star review  Well done Mark. A great set-up. Perfect introduction to carpentry in a relaxed setting. Coming back for more.

    thumb Simon Purwar

    5 star review  I did the lidded box one day course and it was a fantastic day for anyone thinking of getting into wood working or just getting started. Youtube is great source of info( and proably in equal measures a very bad one)but doesnt compare to day with a knowledgable professional like Mark! It was a great mix of introductions to both power tools and hand tools with some great advice and tips. Would higly recommend.

    thumb Thomas Squibb

    5 star review  Had a great time on Mark's 6week course building some tiny furniture. Really fun, very relaxed, and Mark was a highly engaging educator. Highly recommended this course for others looking for an after work activity or challenge.

    thumb Oscar Dingley

    5 star review  I spent a brilliant three hours with Mark, learning all sorts of useful ideas and tips about how to get better results when doing my own woodworking projects at home. Came out of the morning with a lovely little sconce I'd made, too. Will definitely go again.

    thumb Steven Williams

    5 star review  I did the Liddled Box Class. Great fun. Mark is a really nice guy. He explained everything clearly and simply. There were 4 of us, with plenty of space to work and lots of decent (sharp) tools to play with.... Perfect if you need to learn a few skills and end up with a little box to take home.

    thumb Pete Harle

    5 star review  I've just discovered woodworking and wanted to go on a course to ignite my passion. I am so pleased I found Mark Cass/ Neon Saw.He is a fantastic teacher - so passionate, so knowledgeable and above all a lot of fun. I'm now hungry to build lots of wooden things.

    thumb James Dempster

    5 star review  great workshop! learned loads! Would definitely recomend

    thumb Alice Duck

    5 star review  Had a lovely time at Neon Saw on the woodworking basics evening course I attended. Mark is very friendly and explains things very clearly with practical examples. For a 3 hour course I feel like I learned a lot and broke some bad habits i'd picked up just doing stuff myself. Great follow-up info by e-mail and open to answering questions outside of the course. I'll definitely be booking myself onto some of the longer courses Mark runs.

    thumb Mike South

    5 star review  Did the 'Lidded Box' one day course and had a great time. Mark is an excellent teacher; knowledgable, passionate and incredibly patient! I've already booked my next one 🙂

    thumb Lauren Alexandra

    5 star review  Had a one-on-one day with Mark to learn more about joinery technique, and he was a wealth of knowledge and experience. All his advice and practice was perfectly tailored to my skill level. He will be my first port of call the next time I need to step up my technique.

    thumb Laurence Rickard

    5 star review  Hi MarkThanks for a great and fun lesson!I learnt loads and really enjoyed your approach to teachingRoss

    thumb Ross Byatt

    5 star review  I just finished a six week course making a small cupboard and had a great time. The course was structured and paced really well, with each lesson focused around a specific part of the cupboard. I loved Mark's teaching style, the techniques were explained simply and he creates a really relaxed atmosphere. Like the other reviewers I will definitely be signing up for another course soon.

    thumb Anthony Gibson

    5 star review  Had a very good introductory class on wood working here. We covered a lot in 3 hours but it's very hands-on so you learn as you do. Marc is resourceful and a good mentor. The workshop is well equipped.I had never worked with wood before and still managed to make a decent product. This is great

    thumb Julien Baur

    5 star review  Can’t recommend Mark’s lessons enough! I recent took a single evening course on a Monday, as soon as I got home I booked onto a six week course to build a small cupboard starting the same week!Mark is a great teacher and has an endless amount of knowledge at his disposal. He had such a likeable and friendly approach and I hope to book onto another course soon!The classes are really fun and I can’t thank Mark enough, I had a great time!

    thumb Nathan Reddy

    5 star review  I got a box making course as a gift and had a great day! Mark is not just a knowledgeable teacher in all things wood work, he is also a really nice guy to spend a day with. I made an amazing little box, learned lots in the process and have since recommended it to all my friends.

    thumb Julian Erbsloeh