At Home DIY

If you have a challenging DIY problem in your house or flat, this focussed and specific one to one class could well provide the answer – the Neon saw classroom can now come to you.

In the familiar environment of your own home we will make a risk assessment and then talk through the job as we plan how best to go about it. You’ll then be shown how to carry out the job to effect a professional repair, improvement or even just a minor cosmetic change.

Many jobs can be executed with simple and readily available tools, but where specialist kit is required you will be advised on the need for future purchase or rental as required.

It’s a great opportunity to learn ‘how to’ as you carry out the work under expert guidance. You will be encouraged to be fully ‘hands on’ and thus increase your confidence to do more of the same at a later date.

Contact me to make a booking (£35 per hour, minimum 2 hours plus travel, parking etc).